People To Follow On Instagram: Learn From The Best

Instagram is really the best place for graphic designers to learn and to be inspired. So, who are the people to follow on Instagram?

Every graphic designer should have an Instagram account. It’s a great way to do business. Other than that, it’s also a way to learn from already established designers. When you know the right people to follow on Instagram, you learn from them and you are inspired by them. Designing is quite tricky. While knowledge is essential in graphic design, passion is another thing. Even with knowledge, there is a tendency that you would lack the desire to create or design. Sometimes, the key is knowing the right entities to follow.

Let’s look at some of the people to follow on Instagram

Design is such a wide world. There are designs related to the interiors of structures and there are also fashion designs. The fashion design in itself is broad considering there are clothing designs, shoes, bags and not to mention creative design for fashion photography.

Graphic design is also one segment of the general idea that has many branches. Here are some of the designers to follow on Instagram and the reasons you should.

Daniel Mather (basic designing)
Daniel Mather is a graphic designer with focus on screen printing, which is a basic form of design transfer. It’s a matter of designing something and putting it on a mesh screen to be transferred to an object.

It’s old school, as they say. Nowadays, designers are so focused on creating their concepts on computers that the art of screen printing is forgotten. Mather keeps the concept alive.

It’s actually really satiating learning from an expert in graphic design who still does old-school work. His Instagram page is very educational. Mather doesn’t just post photos, he shares videos, too.

Mather posts simple stencils that newbies could follow for their educational purposes. Of course, if you are one of those newbies, you don’t follow for your own exhibit. No, that’s art plagiarism. You can follow to learn the technique. Of course, you don’t share the same art on your own Instagram, unless of course you say that you copied it to learn. But even then, that’s just tacky.

Mather also posts videos about screen printing. This way, even if the art has been lost to the new generation, those interested can still learn. It’s not just about the process of screen printing, which the young ones can learn on the Internet anyway. It’s also about learning the techniques.

Of course, it’s not just about the print screen. As a graphic designer, Mather also showcases his graphic designs. He is also a lecturer, which is understandably why it’s almost like he posts photos and videos to educate. Most graphic designers seem to post to show off, but not Mather.

Ramotion (professional design)

Ramotion is a design agency, so you know that every output it produces is made by a group of experts. An agency is composed of people of various knowledge and expertise. Design agencies will always have the more generic graphic designer. But they also employ the more specialized ones like the user interface (UI) and user exchange (UX) designers.

What Ramotion’s Instagram page will tell you is that no matter how many members are in a team (experts in an agency), designs are never cluttered. There is always cohesion.

Another important lesson is that professional designs don’t have to be composed of many elements. It could be a simple design that is truly efficient. The great thing about Ramotion is that it is an all-around agency. This means that it doesn’t just create designs, it creates a whole website and a whole digital campaign.

There are many mobile designs, too.

It’s always great to get into the minds of agencies that create designs for some of the biggest brands in the world. If you must know, Ramotion has done work for Netflix, the most popular streaming site. Netflix is such an innovative brand, which makes sense that it has also entrusted its campaigns to an innovative agency like Ramotion.

Another great thing about browsing through Ramotion’s Instagram page is that even if there are different outputs plastered, they all somehow have the Ramotion identity. But that’s not to say that the outputs for different brands are similar—they are not. Somehow, the brand was just able to showcase its identity in a variety of products.

Erik Marinovich (typography)
Erik Marinovich is a designer and a noted letterist. This is not a profession that we hear every day. But if you follow Marinovich, you will realize how important this segment of design is. Words are important. When it comes to design, words matter, too. But you have to say a lot even with just a few words. Sometimes, when the words are not one with its typography, the message will not be shared properly.

Typography matters. You can’t use a boring script for a design that’s all about having fun and being energetic. You also can’t use black and white fonts. Or maybe you can, but it has to be in contrast with a colorful backdrop. Typography matters. Just browse through Marinovich’s work and you will understand why. Being a letterist isn’t just about getting the right font. It’s also about finding the right colors to say the right message.

Leading to the November 2020 U.S. Presidential Elections, Marinovich found dozens of ways to write VOTE. That also shows the kind of person he is. He’s showing his soul through what he does best—making words have deep meaning.

Steven Harrington (cartoon)
Steven Harrington’s designs are certainly his own. Even if this is not a design you aspire since cartoon art is something totally different, it’s still fun to browse through Harrington’s designs. They are psychedelic and they are enjoyable.

You might say that cartoons are just for kids. But what Harrington does is for everybody. It may be cartoons but it’s meticulous and shows real maturity when it comes to design.

Sometimes, he posts videos of him creating or drawing. It’s really a great opportunity to witness a genius doing what he does best. He is introspective, too. In one post, he talked about self-reflection. This was sometime in July 2020 when the world is still grappling with the almost all-consuming effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

While the world was in lockdown and people were getting depressed, Harrington was creating art around the world and talking about important things that should really matter to humanity. That’s another great thing about Instagram. You don’t just get the art, you also learn from the artists.

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